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Being a millennial and living in today’s day and age, it is really hard not to spend too much time on social media. Even though Pinterest is not really a social media, I love finding inspiration and new ways of doing traditional things with a new spin. For example, finding fall decorations for your home is so tempting. I live in an apartment still, so I try not to go overboard with decorations as it’s only temporary. Also, decorating is quite expensive, but after looking at all of these inspiring fall decor ideas, how can you not want the same? I have given in, and decorated our front door. I think it looks really cute considering it’s only like 50 sq.ft.

One frustrating thing about Pinterest is most of the time you can not find the same item if you want to purchase it. At least I have that problem like 98% of the time, please tell me I am not alone. Above, I have linked all similar items I was able to find so you can recreate the look. I think my favorite one is that mudroom. Cannot wait to have my own, but lusting over gorgeous mudrooms for now will do. I hope this inspires you to decorate your space as well and if you do, tag me (@darlinglittlethingblog) so I can like your photo.

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October 24, 2017

5 Fashion Resolutions for 2017

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Boots | Herringbone Vest (under $40) | White Top | Jeans | Necklace | Tory Burch Bag 

Happy Wednesday! So this past Friday I posted the very first series of my weekly favorites. These booties were on the list and I couldn’t wait to get them in the mail. The second I opened the package, I fell in love with them. They are so slimming and flattering that I think I will wear them on repeat. These boots make my legs look long and I can’t wait to share more looks with you guys. I think this is a great Sunday brunch outfit, or just lunch with your girl friends kind of outfit. The colors are subtle and work great in the winter time.

So now on to the good stuff – fashion resolutions for 2017. I think we all have our perfect wardrobe pinned somewhere on Pinterest, and every time you pin it you say you will make your closet look that way one day. So now is a great time to set your fashion resolutions and actually stick to them. This year I decided to set these simple goals that I would be able to follow and hopefully inspire you.

1. Organize

This is a tough one for me because I live in an apartment, so I have very limited space. My closet is a mess right now, well at least in my world it is a mess. I would love to organize it better so that I know what I have on hand and what I need to purchase. I currently don’t have a shoe organizer either, so I am hoping to buy a nice, big shelf to store all my shoes. Right now, they are just simply sitting in the boxes or neatly lined up by the wall. Not ideal – so we are going to work on that.

I used to have a lot more clothes than now, but did a huge clean out last year. This year I was so busy between searching for the perfect work outfit to scavenging cute pieces for the blog posts that it came to a state of excess and overabundance. I think first thing is first – prioritize.

a. Prioritization is the KEY

Don’t try to clean out your entire closet at the same time. It’s exhausting and often times hard to make a decision. How would you know if you will wear this white dress in the summer when it’s low 20’s outside (haha gotta love New England). So what I am going to do is start with each season and work with one section at a time. For example, it’s January now so I will focus on Winter and Spring pieces.

b. If I were currently shopping, would I buy this piece?

It maybe a harsh truth, but most of the time you would say no. That is because at the time it may have been cute and looked really good. However, with time our style evolves and so should our wardrobe. There’s a reason you wouldn’t wear what you wore in high school. Your style has changed, so it’s okay to change your wardrobe.

c. Does it fit right?

If you haven’t worn something for a while, you can’t be confident that it still fits you right. Now I am not talking about weight. Often times clothes shrink due to temperature change, numerous washes and dries that your clothes simply change its shape. That cute top you were last year could now be too short or too long. Do you see what I mean? So, before saying yes or no just try it on and see if it still fits you the right way.

Last year, my best friend and I did a huge clean out of my closet. I can’t even put this into words of how helpful it is to have your bestie help you out with this task or sister, mom, cousin, etc. She will be really honest with you, so if she says that piece does not work anymore – I can guarantee it probably doesn’t. After all, she’s your best friend and will tell you the truth.

2.  Buy More Quality Less Quantity

I think this one goes hand in hand with the previous point. Buying lower quality clothing means they won’t last you as long. I don’t mean only to look for brand names because sometimes brand names don’t have that great of a quality for each of their products. Yes, majority of their clothing will be, but not all of it. I would mention a few things you should definitely buy that is quality: jeans, bags and sometimes shoes. Those are the essentials and if you have quality items you won’t need as many of them. The reason I say this is because good designer jeans will fit you right the first time, same goes for shoes. They will look great on and you will be able to tell a difference. I am a true believer in quality bags which is why I love investing in the pieces I absolutely love. Not only will they last me forever, but I will love them forever. These are some of my favorites, here and here (I own a similar Tory Burch Tote).

What to do with the clothes you don’t want?

Depending on the item’s value you can go with different options. If it’s a designer item and could be resold for a reasonable price I suggest Ebay, Poshmark or Playto’s Closet (my friend introduced me to this one). Use Ebay if you have a price-y item. For example, if you are selling your Kate Spade wallet, sell it on Ebay because you will get the most of it. Use Poshmark if you are selling a cute and somewhat of a quality item. For example if I am selling my Lululemon leggings I would sell them on Posh. They do take a huge commission off every item you sell , so it’s not beneficial to sell high cost items. Now for the rest of the stuff that is not stained and no holes – Playto’s Closet. Usually I don’t have much luck with getting the best value for my items, so I only bring the stuff that I would otherwise donate or give away. It’s a fun and easy way to sell your clothes, and you get instant money back.

3. Take Advantage of the Sales

Most of the full price items always go on sale. This is why it’s a great idea to spot an item and then keep checking back until it gets discounted. This is how I got these super cute booties for under $90. I loved them since they came out and waited until they went on sale. Funny story is that I missed the sale twice, and was really upset that I didn’t get them. Last time they got restocked and went on sale, my boyfriend actually bought them for me. So happy they are mine now, they are definitely a staple item.

4. Versatile vs One Time

Trendy items often go out of style before you know it. On other occasions there are pieces that you would only wear once. For example, I feel like most of the Christmas clothes are like that. You wear it once, take pictures with your family and friends, and then you can’t wear it again next year or simply don’t want to. This is always a hard pill to swallow because the cutest Christmas clothes are usually at Vineyard Vines and J.Crew ($$$). So when buying these items I try to make sure they are as versatile as possible to ensure that I can wear them at least a few times.

5. Love it

How often do you go to the store, buy a cute top or bottoms, then get home and you don’t like it? Can we all agree that this happens more often than we want it to? I have this happen to me all the time, at least with one or two pieces I buy, I will have to return. So this year I am really going to focus on buying only the items that I love. Sometimes, just give it a few days and take another look at it. It could be the lighting or your mood but if you are still questioning if you should keep the items after a few days – don’t buy it.

What are some of your favorite way to keep your closet clean and organized? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


January 19, 2017