Smile Brilliant Electric Toothbrush Review

Beauty / Tuesday, December 4th, 2018


*This post is in partnership with Smile Brilliant

Hi guys! I am switching it up today from my regular fashion posts. Today I want to talk about an electric toothbrush. I have recently received the Smile Brilliant CariPro Ultrasonic ElectricToothbrush, and I’ve now used it ever since.

About the toothbrush: 

The toothbrush comes with 5 settings: Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care and Sensitive. You can probably guess which one I use, and of course it’s white and clean. I normally start my nighttime routine with using my electric toothbrush on clean mode. I think it helps to get my teeth really, really clean. Then I use my whitening toothpaste and brush my teeth again on white mode. I don’t do this every night, but if I have time, I see results immediately. Below is a snippet from their website to help you with more details about this toothbrush.


Why I use an electric toothbrush: 

I first started using an electric toothbrush in my sophomore year of college. I went to see my dentist for a regular checkup, and she asked if I drink a lot of coffee and/or wine. I said yes, but in the back of my mind I was a little embarrassed that she noticed. It made me feel that I am not taking care of my teeth properly. Then shortly after our appointment, she recommended I use an electric toothbrush. I did buy it from my dentist, but it was over $200+ that I paid. Finding replacement nobs was a little work as well, since I replace them every month. I would have to go out to Target and endlessly search for the right fit. While the toothbrush is working well, it’s not the most affordable item.

Why I love Smile Brilliant electric toothbrush: 

After using Smile Brilliant’s toothbrush on all of the modes, I of course chose my favorite ones. It comes with more settings than a traditional expensive electric toothbrush. The price point was just right. You can get my kit for half of what I paid for any other toothbrush. You can find it here: Smile Brilliant Individual Package.

I think if you are looking for an electric toothbrush that will clean your teeth much better than a manual toothbrush, get the Smile Brilliant brush. It’s affordable, does a great job with cleaning your teeth better than a manual brush. The 5 settings are very helpful, and each has a different setting depending on your goal. The Individual package also includes 2 heads with tongue scraper.  The wireless charging dock is soooo convenient. I share a bathroom sink with my fiance, so any extra “sink” space I can get is awesome. This is where their sleek design helps me out a lot, not to mention the wireless charging dock.


I have used this brush for over 4 weeks now. I used it twice a day, and could definitely see noticeable results. My teeth feel much cleaner than if I were to use a manual brush. It’s not quite the same as my brush that I got from my dentist, but it’s also half the price. I think Smile Brilliant toothbrush does a wonderful job at the price point they are offering it for. The 5 settings are super convenient, and most electric toothbrushes do not come with 2 replacement heads with a tongue scraper. I would recommend it to a friend, and with the holidays just around the corner, this brush would make a perfect Christmas gift. If you would like to purchase, here’s the link: Smile Brilliant electric toothbrushes. Smile Brilliant were also so nice and gave me a discount code for you guys to use: Use darlinglittlething20 for 20% OFF. That’s a great deal as it would put your purchase right at $95 if you go with the individual package.

To make it even more fun, I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to give you guys one for FREE. Enter below:

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If you have any questions, or comments please comment below or DM me on Instagram. I am always happy to answer any questions you might have 🙂

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  1. Oh, cool! I didn’t know Smile Brilliant had a toothbrush-I love their teeth whitening kits.
    My dentist told me I needed an electric toothbrush, and for the longest time I thought they were just trying to make money off of me. But, I finally got one and I’m so glad I did! It really helps with my sensitivity.
    Great review!

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