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I still can’t believe it has been exactly a year since I started blogging, well September 4th was! I know for some seasoned bloggers this may seem like not a big deal, but I am pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished this year. I also haven’t been the most active because of work schedule, but I still enjoy blogging and can’t wait to share more with you guys. I wouldn’t be here, where I am today without you. I am so thankful for your support, kind comments and messages. As a thank you, I wanted to give back and share some blogging tips. I asked on my Instagram Story to vote for several topics and majority wanted to see my Instagram stories hacks.

So, in honor of my Blogiversary I am going to share with you some of my Instagram story tips and tricks. The majority wins so let’s get started.

1. Solid Background

To set a solid background on your Instagram stories, it’s actually the easiest thing ever. Take a picture of anything → click on your pen icon → select a color you want → tap and hold. Viola you have your solid back ground.

2. Custom Background

Some days I think a solid background can be a little boring, and I want it to look a little more interesting. For example, if there’s an outfit that I want to share with you and I want you to screenshot it, I will use a custom background. You can make your background to look like anything you want.

First I go to Pinterest and browse for inspiration. I liked the one above with pink background and palm leaves. So I simply zoom in on the photo and screenshot the right angle I wanted. As you can see above, I simply opened my Instagram stories, and opened the photo I took a screenshot of then placed my wording over it.

3. Stripes

Stripes are a fun way to draw attention to your photo. I like to use stripes to let you guys know when I post a new blog post, or to tell you where I got a certain item from.

First, click to type text → go to special characters on your keyboard → select the underline (make sure it’s the lower one, not regular dash) →tap it continuously until you reach the length you want.

Second, pinch your line → make it as wide or narrow as you want. Works the same as zooming in on your photos.

4. Add more colors

I don’t use this feature as often just because it’s a lot of work if you are writing a lot. However it is a useful feature when you want to customize your wording, background colors, line color or sticker color.

When you are using colors simply choose any shade your want → hold it down → drag to your desired color.

5. Drop Shadow effect (3D)

I love using this feature, although it takes a little bit of time to really line everything up. It’s a cool feature as it grabs attention, stands out nicely and makes your Instagram stories look cool.

Type your word or phrase out → select a desired color, I chose black → type your word or phrase again in the same order and font → select desired color, I went with white → type your word or phrase again in the same order and font the third time → now line all three exactly the same words or phrases on top of each other in any order you like. I put black as my base layer, then white, and finished it off with a pale pink. You can do this as many times as you want.

6. Change the color of your sticker

This feature is so fun as you get to customize the sticker to any color you want it to be. So, start off by selecting your sticker →  tap on it once to change the color to white → go to your drawing icon → select any color you want → color over your sticker. See, super easy and fun.

7. How to use snapchat filters in Insta Stories

I don’t use this feature very often as I don’t take many selfies on my Instagram stories. But if you would like to, it’s very easy and fun.

Open your Snapchat → use the Snapchat filer, and editing → save to your camera scroll → open Instagram stories → pull from your camera scroll. If you do that within 24 hours it will show up normal without the white borders. You can do this with the photos or the videos. This is also very helpful if you are using both Snapchat and Instagram stories.

8. How to add polka dots

This is more of a bland feature, but I like it nonetheless. Sometimes a corner of my photo looks boring so I would add polka dots or fill in empty space.

To do it, go to your pen icon → click to draw → adjust your pen size → tap on the screen where you want the polka dots. I started with the large polka dots, then smaller until the space was filled.

9. Use Emoji for additional filters

I just discovered this Instagram hack a little while ago. Basically you choose any sticker you want, and I went with the fall leaf. Then you enlarge it and drag it to make a filter of your choice. So I enlarged my fall leaf emoji and dragged it to my bottom left corner that created this beautiful blush filter to add a pop of fall color to this photo.

10. Play music in the background of your Instagram Story

Haha thinking back to this, I spent so much time figuring out how people did this! I just thought it was so boring to simply take a video of your new blog post in silence. Almost awkward, you know. But it turned out to be the easiest Instagram trick ever.

Go to your spotify or other music app → start playing your favorite song → exit out and open your Instagram stories → start taking a video of anything you want → post. It’s that easy.

Well, this is it for my Instagram stories hacks and I hope you learned something new. If you have any tricks that you guys use, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to know. Also, if you liked this post, share or comment down below if you want to see more blogging tips.

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