Fall, Fashion, Outfits, Summer / Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Dress | Sandals | Chlo√® dupe bag | Necklace

Happy Wednesday! I am loving this dress so much and it’s only $45. The entire day I wore this dress I got so many compliments on it and felt like the dancing lady in the red dress emoji. Seriously, it’s so flowy and fun.
I am also loving this dress because while I did style it for a hot summer day, you can easily transition it for fall. A nice jean jacket with booties is all you need to transform this into a fall dress. You can also wear it with flats, which would make a cute fall outfit. I might actually wear it to a few concerts in the fall. This dress is just so flattering on any figure, and I love how the fabric feels. It’s very light weight, but not see through at all. It also looks very flattering with a slight tan.

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