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As we approach August in full swing, it is time to start thinking how you want to decorate your dorm room and what you need to get. I absolutely love the back to school season. Something about the anticipation and hustle during this time of year makes me feel giddy. Although I have graduated recently and won’t be going to school this semester, I put together a list of items I would have been getting if I was going. P.s. Some of the items I own and will show you guys on Instagram. Follow me there if that’s your thing and if you want to see some of the behind the scenes. 
The hardest part for me to decorate a room is staying on BUDGET! If you are like me, then you  have probably pinned over a thousand pins on Pinterest and you want them all, now. I wish I could say the same for my wallet. The items I have linked are super affordable and you can shop by clicking on the image.  

Below are some of my favorite duvet sets and bed sheet sets. Target has some really cute ones and they are very affordable. I am buying these for my apartment, they are even prettier in person.   


What a better way to make any space cozy then putting a throw blanket on it. Seriously, just about anywhere – your bed, couch, ottoman or an arm chair. Throw blankets are also great to get cozy in the colder months.


I am the queen of decorating pillows. Seriously, you can ask my sister, friends and even my boyfriend, they will all say I love decorating pillows. I have way too many on my bed, I always buy more than I need for the couch and don’t get me started on pillow purchases during the holidays. I think they are a great and affordable way to put your personal touch to any space.


Of course, no room is complete without a nice rug to complement it. I like to go with fun and statement rugs to really warm up a space. I got my living room area rug from Target, and for the price it is holding up surprisingly well.


Mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of a bigger space. Dorm rooms are extremely tiny, so hanging a mirror on the wall or door will help with making your room look bigger than it is. It is also a very convenient way to decorate. 


Accessories in a room is like the personality of a person. Seriously, any place you walk into, the first thing you will notice are the accessories. They will either make or break the look. For a dorm room, I think going with something simple, yet poppy is the way to go. Click on any below to see the low price.

Hoping this helps you to decorate your dorm room or a school apartment. I also wrote a very helpful college dorm checklist here. Let me know what you are getting for your dorm in the comments below.

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