VIIcode Eye Mask Review

Beauty / Saturday, July 8th, 2017
VIIcode eye mask, also here

Hi guys! Today’s post is a little bit different and having read the title you probably know what it is about. Well at least you can guess 🙂 Any who, VIIcode sent me this eye mask a few weeks ago to try it. So I did and this is what I found out. I had a chance to try one whole box and can tell you I can see a little bit of a change. It is not dramatic, but the full treatment is three boxes which I am sure will give you the dramatic change.
What is VIIcode eye mask?
VIcode eye mask is the first eye mask that is safe to use for 8 hours with a gel like feel. If you look at the photos above, the eye mask treatments come in the cutest gray packaging. Just looks very sleek and luxurious. When you open the box, there are six packets. It feels like gel, stays under your eyes well through the night and very comfortable.
What is it for?
The VIIcode eye mask is rich in natural potent antioxidants that are great at reducing dark circles. This eye mask for dark circles works great, and also helps with fine lines. Naturally, I don’t have a bad case with dark circles under my eyes, but when I don’t get enough sleep I do have a little bit of darkness. So this 8 hour treatment is great because for one, it forces me to sleep for at least 8 healthy hours, and two, they really work a miracle. The gel-like material is my favorite feature. I don’t like any messy masks and this one is so easy to put on and to take off.
How to use it?
The best way to use the VIIcode oxygen eye mask it is to cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser to make sure it’s free of all make up. Then I like to apply my treatments and finish off with a light moisturizer. After I take one pack, peel off the sticker and gently put the whole portion of the mask under my eyes. It will stick immediately and feel really nice and cool at first to your skin. Then I would go to bed like I normally would, and in the morning the mask would still be on. Then like I said, the gel like feature is my favorite because in the morning I just peel the mask off gently and underneath is a beautiful coat of glowy, moisturized and wrinkle free eyes. Do you know a better way to start off your morning? I don’t! 🙂
If you really want to get rid of your dark circles and want glowy, healthy eyes, then you need this mask. For best results you have to use 3 full boxes, but I would say even starting with one will show great results. I know it’s kind of expensive, but you have to invest in your skin. You really do get what you pay for and this in this case, it is so worth the investment.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you love it! Let me know if you’ve tried one in the comments below.

Special thank you to VIIcode for sponsoring today’s post.