Books, Fashion, Lifestyle / Monday, June 12th, 2017

So I haven’t done a ton of reading this year, but I did stumble upon some pretty good books that I think you might enjoy as well. The three of my favorites are listed below and they are different genres so you will have plenty to choose from.

All Summer Long by Dorothea Benton Frank 


This book is focused on people whose lives are changing  – a retired history professor, Nick is moving to Sullivan Islands, SC with his wife Olivia. Olivia is an established interior designer in NYC and a lot younger than her husband. Long ago she promised to move to SC with Nick for his retirement and now comes the time to hold her part of the promise. She’s struggling to find business in a new market and a new place. In hopes of finding new business and keep their financial situation afloat, Olivia decides to accept an invitation to Bob’s son’s wedding.

As Olivia and Nick go on this trip, they both get exposed to the billionaire lifestyle that Bob is living with his wife, Maritza. Each relationship unfolds in the most unexpected ways, shining the light on some true love stories and deep relationships.


I never read a book by this author so I was a little skeptical at first. I am a very picky reader. I only love reading if I am interested in a book and if I am a little bord I tend to leave the book behind. However, this book kept my attention through every chapter. It’s one of those books you start reading and just want more and more if it.

I would say it’s a great quick read and  thought provoking book. The author does a great job at describing each character and developing their personalities. When you are reading it, it feels like you are part of their world. However, the book almost has nothing to do with the Sullivan Islands in South Carolina. Majority of the book is about this billionaire Bob and his group of friends who are incredibly rich. I would say most of the characters were really unlikable and a little hard to relate to. I couldn’t really connect with any of the characters, but Maritza was my favorite. Her innocent attempt at keeping Bob happy and sharing her marriage problems with her interior designer definitely helped develop a soft spot for her. However, the character I connected to a little was probably Olivia, a New York interior designer. I really liked the way she looked at different situations throughout the book and couldn’t help but notice her wisdom.

Two by Two by Nicolas Sparks 
Romance, Fiction


Russel Green (Russ) seems to have it all together. A stunning house, gorgeous wife, beautiful and loving daughter, and a respectable job. Everything seems perfect on the surface until things start going south one after another. Russ cares very deeply about his family and in just about the matter of a few months he loses all of it. The new journey is terrifying, yet rewarding.


This book is very sad for the most part, and I am going to be honest and say that I may have cried a few times while reading it. Some of the chapters are just filled with so much emotion and love, that they fly by. However, the story did start out a little slow. Almost half way into the book I was a little bored and didn’t quite want to finish it. Then the pace picked up a little and things started to make a lot more sense. There’s also a few plot twists that I did not see coming in the least, but most of the book is pretty predictable. This book is a bit long so it’s not much of a quick read, but it will make you feel good when you finish it.

The Circle by Dave Eggers 
Science Fiction 


Mae Holland is hired to work at the Circle, the most powerful internet company. This campus is nothing you have seen before, they have incredible benefits with healthcare, lunch and activities for employees. Mae feels she’s given an opportunity of a lifetime and tries to prove that she’s worth it. Her professional and private life become more and more public (transparent) to the world and she feels that she’s doing the right thing. This novel quickly puts you on the edge with so many unanswered questions about memory, privacy, history and limits of human knowledge.


Saving best for last. If you read or watched the Maze Runner, I think you will like this book as well. The whole book is about The Circle, world’s most powerful and biggest internet company. It is easy to imagine something like this happening in the real world, and parts of it are already happening. The whole transparency thing freaked me out and I couldn’t help but think of Snapchat and Instagram stories whenever the author brought up privacy issues. The ending of this book was not what I expected, but it sure did have a twist.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know what your favorites are!