Fashion / Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Hi guys. Ever since I posted this photo on Instagram, I got sooo many questions on my bag that I decided to write a post about it. Follow me on Instagram (@darlinglittlethingblog) because I am usually most active there. So you can shoot me a question or just stop by and say hello. If you are looking for this gorgeous designer dupe, then let’s jump right in. Shall we…


If you like my bag above, you can buy it here. I usually find really good dupes when I am not looking for one. Let me explain. Just last year I was looking for a Chloè dupe and all I found was this. I wrote this post a long time ago so it’s a little outdated. However, when I was looking for a good dupe it was not an easy task. Trust me I looked everywhere. And then when I was just checking out this website, I was scrolling through the accessories and saw this Chloè dupe. I couldn’t believe it. The bag was under $30, and looked almost identical – win win in my book. So I went ahead and placed an order. So I guess bottom line is to check out the trusted websites and stores until you see one. Most of the time stores will name their bags something unique so it’s hard to search by a “dupe” name. However, if you don’t have the time to constantly check out different websites and stores, I have good news for you. Head over to my blog and I will keep you posted once I find some goodies.


This one probably goes without saying, duh it’s affordable! Despite the price point the bag looks almost identical and is decent quality. The chain handle is very similar in color and same goes for the leather color. I would only suggest to wear this bag with anything, but dark denim. It looks like it would transfer color and damage the bag. Here’s a quick summary for you:

  • Looks identical 
  • Affordable 
  • Decent quality 

Unfortunately, as good as it looks it won’t last too long. That’s just the ugly part about it. I know the gold chain will change color soon and the leather might not hold up, but we will see. The chain around the “key” is also a little larger and looks a bit tacky. But it’s a minor thing and just me being nit picky. Probably not noticeable to an average person. The blush pink shade is a bit brighter than the original. Lastly, it’s smooth leather, not pebbled. I do like that a little more though. So here’s a quick summary:

  • Larger chain near the key. 
  • Slight difference in color 
  • Not pebbled 

I think if you are looking for a cute bag and want an affordable option then getting a designer dupe is a good decision. I wouldn’t do it for every single bag, and most certainly would prefer getting the real Chloè Drew bag, but maybe a little later down the road.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by.