Favorite Things List 2016

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What a year it’s been –  2016! Below I will share my most cherished moments of 2016 and try to keep it short. I also encourage you to look back and review the year before setting in your new “New Years Resolutions”. I will post my new years resolution ideas in my next post. This will help to remember the big milestones that have been reached and to reflect on the lessons learned. I like to celebrate my accomplishments and also remember those valuable experiences. So without further ado, let’s just just right in…

ONE:  First Full Time Job

I just graduated in 2015, and started my first full time job at a public accounting firm in January. I started with the busiest season, but survived and by April I knew more than I thought I could remember. After doing an internship, and one year as a full time auditor I started to pick up more challenging projects. It’s a great experience and I couldn’t be more grateful for my job. I was blessed to meet so many amazing people that became friends, close co-workers, and mentors. I don’t know how I would do it without them.

TWO: Darling Little Thing

This one was probably one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I launched my blog, all on my own in August and honestly I couldn’t be more happy about it. It’s not exactly at the point where I want it to be, but hey that’s what the New Years Resolutions are for, right?! I love writing and coming up with new, fresh and inspiring ideas. Initially, I started this blog as a fashion blog, but soon enough I realized that it would be too narrow of a topic. I wanted to include you guys on lifestyle posts, recipes, fashion, travel and everything in between. It might be a little hard to stay consistent for me during the tax season (Jan-Apr), but I think with your encouragement I can do it:) So far, you guys have been so responsive and kind to me that I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who
support me in this journey.

THREE: Got a Puppy

This was probably the most exciting part of 2016. I got a Bernese Mountain puppy on my birthday and it has changed my life completely. A little story time: I have never owned a dog, but I have always wanted one. I’ve been begging my boyfriend to get one with me for sooo long. Since we were both still in school it was a little difficult to take care of a puppy, so we decided to wait. InJanuary, 2016 I moved to Boston to start on my job and he was still in school until May. We did long distance for almost half a year and then when he finally moved in in May I decided to bring up the topic again. He was so nice about and researched all about the breeders in our area and he was the one who found our little puppster. It has changed both of us in so many ways, and I highly recommend getting a dog if you don’t have one yet.

FOUR: Travel

Hilton Head Island, SC

Even with a full time job and the blog I was fortunate enough to travel quite a bit. There is nothing I love more than traveling and the fact that I even had the time to do it, is surreal. The first trip we took was to Hilton Head Island, SC. I loved it soooo much there that I cannot wait to come back. I love South Carolina and the fact that we got to travel to HHI is amazing. We both loved our stay at the Sonesta Resort, so I highly recommend that hotel. They have a gorgeous pool area and a beach within walking distance. The hotel provides beach towels for convenience and Yoga classes on the beach in the mornings. Now I don’t recall if the yoga classes were everyday, but definitely give it a try if you are in that area.

Atlantis, Bahamas

This was probably the most fun trip we did! It could be pricey, but a lot of things are included at the resort so you don’t have to worry about fees like water park pass and etc. It’s a huge resort with a good number of fun water attractions. Aside from having the water park, it’s a gorgeous place to relax. Multiple pools, a lazy river where you can riffle on a tube or enjoy the gorgeous view of the resort while you dine. I would definitely love to come back there, we just had so much fun. There wasn’t a minute where we didn’t have something to do. Oh and the best part is there’s a bar right by the pool. You can grab your drink and go wherever you please. Usually, many places will have the bar near a pool are, but they do not allow you to leave the bar area. The fast that this place lets you be pretty much anywhere in the resort with a drink in your hand- it doesn’t get better than that. 🙂

Melbourne, FL

As I was writing this post we were traveling back from Melbourne, FL. This trip is more of a relaxing one. We went to the beach a lot, went out to see a few movies and checked out a few local restaurants. I might write a post about our Melbourne trip so I won’t go into too much detail here.

* Not our Jeep. We went to Mica and Molly’s store and they had their Jeep there. Couldn’t resist to take a picture because it’s too cute. 

FIVE: Friends and Family

I will always be grateful for my friends and family. This year was special because not only did I get a chance to make new friends, but to also reconnect with some of my old friends from high school and college. I will always and forever be grateful for the support that my friends and family provide. I am very lucky to have each and every person in my life. The picture below is me and my best friend, love her to the moon and back! Check out her blog at northernstateofmind.com.

I will use this section just to recap every little event in between. It’s not organized in any particular way other than the visual flow. 
First Pair of J Brand Jeans
Purchased my first pair of Tory Burch Riding Boots

 Found a Chloe dupe and fell in love with it. I even wrote a whole post about it here.

Met Sarah Vickers!!!
This is it for the round up post! Hope you guys liked it and will come up with your own as well. If you do make sure to tag me, I would love to see some of your lists. Happy New Years to everyone and stay tuned for my next blog post about the New Years Resolutions.