How to choose the perfect Christmas Cards with Mixbook

Christmas, Fashion, Lifestyle, Preppy / Monday, December 5th, 2016
Cable Knit Sweater, similar | J. Crew Jeans (less than $30) | J.Crew Plaid Scarf – mine sold out, but J.Crew Factory Scarf is very similar | Lip Gloss 

Hello friends!!! This year I wanted to do something different for Christmas, so I started my research for ideas and inspiration. After reading Carly’s blog post about Minted Christmas cards I was so inspired to recreate the idea. The next minute you know I was at J.Crew picking out new pieces for the outfit, classic!

After I picked out the outfit for myself, my boyfriend and of course the pup, it was time to start working on the photo. I will make a whole blog post about the outfit later, so I won’t go into too much detail today. Next step was to make the Christmas cards. I wanted something that would have my style in the card, so I asked my boyfriend for some help. He, of course, being a sweetheart said yes. He loves to research things, which is how he found the Mixbook website.  Their website has so many options and you can completely customize the card to your liking. So he went ahead and created the card and I loved it.

A little story behind it, is that this is scary at how much he knows my style. Seriously, he picks the hotel, restaurant or even a dress and it’s always perfect. I don’t say this just because he’s my boyfriend but because he knows me too well:)

So, after we customized the Christmas card the way we both liked it, we ordered them. The shipping didn’t take too long either, I would even say it was fairly fast. Card quality is outstanding, it was thick and looked luxurious. The back of the card had the perfect light brown pattern. It couldn’t get better. So now let me give you a few tips before ordering your Christmas cards….

1. Count the number of recipients
I know this sounds like a no brainer, but I would make a list of all the recipients first. This way you can set up a budget of how much you are willing to spend on your Christmas cards. You can set expectations for the quality vs price of the card. The good things about Mixbook is that they offer really good quality, fully customizable photo cards at a very affordable price.

2. Pick out the Card Frame
I actually didn’t think of this before I made my photos. I picked out my outfit first, then we made the photos and only then we started looking for the card frame. The problem with that was that either my head would be cropped off since I was standing, the colors wouldn’t match or the card was portrait vs landscape. This was actually such a huge barrier, but if you pick out the frame first then you can choose the outfit and the outlay of the photo to coordinate with it.

3. Gather all the addresses
Some of the Christmas cards you create will have an option to print the addresses on the envelope. So it’s helpful to have them beforehand. I think it’s a very convenient way to not have to worry about writing them all out.

4. Order cards in advance
We ordered our cards super early, but I always like to get things done in advance. There’s nothing more stressful than coming up with something last minute. So we ordered ours on Black Friday or shortly after. Got the cards probably within 2-4 days, that was quicker than I expected. This helps to give us a good week or two to work on sending out the cards. I think we will try to send them out a week before Christmas. It will be a busy time so I want to give it a few extra days just in case.

I hope this helps you, and as always if you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below or Tweet @darlinglittleth. I try to answer them all 🙂