3 ways to Style a Holiday Red Skirt

Christmas, Fashion, Lifestyle / Friday, December 9th, 2016

Having a good set of basics is key. When I was younger all I looked for was trendy pieces that I could easily replace the next season. Now that I am a bit older, and as I like to think I have better taste, I like to pick out classic, good quality and versatile pieces. Once you have your basics it’s a lot easier to come up with outfits. I thought this J.Crew wool skirt was a smart investment. This skirt comes in three colors, and really it won’t go out of style anytime soon. Below are the three ways you can style this gorgeous skirt.

1. Classic/Work Outfit

This is the same outfit I wore on the Christmas photos, I made a whole blog post about it here. It’s really just a classic holiday outfit that you can wear just about anywhere. I also like to wear it to work.

J.Crew mini skirt | Express heels | J.Crew sweater | J.Crew necklace 

2. Festive

This outfit is really festive because of all the red and sparkly gold, but I really like it. It instantly brings a spark of happiness and confidence to your holidays. 

J.Crew mini skirt | Torry Burch Pearl Earrings |  J.Crew perfect Stewart plaid shirt | Tory Burch flats | YSL crossbody bag | YSL lipstick 

3. Casual

This outfit is so comfy and looks great! Something I would wear to a casual family dinner during the holidays. It looks festive, and with a perfect blend of basics.

J.Crew mini skirt | Cable Knit Sweater | Tory Burch riding boots | Anastasia matte lipstick | Chloe Faye small bag 

I hope you found this post helpful and let me know what you guys are going to wear this holiday season in the comments below!