Pop of ‘Leopard’ and Visit to a Haunted House

Fashion, Lifestyle / Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Hello friends! We made it through Monday, as tough and bland as it always is. I just came home from my Barre class and summing up my weekend in this post. So in my previous post I mentioned that we were going to have a few friends and try to go to a haunted house. With the rainy and windy weather that didn’t happen this weekend. {sigh} However, while I was researching all the haunted houses I stumbled upon this Haunted Ship! Yes, you heard me right a Haunted Ship. They are fairly new, so obviously the lines are ridiculous, but it’s in Quincy, MA and super close to Boston.

Just to recap, the whole ‘haunted’ experience is on the ship (outdoors). They have several rooms depending on the pass that you get and a bar at the end. I haven’t been to that many haunted houses or places, but this sounds like a haunted house with a little twist. So I am very excited to visit, it sounds like a really fun activity and would be great for Halloween. I basically cannot wait to go.

I wore this outfit this past weekend to go out to eat and movies later. It’s comfortable, easy and chic. The top is very thin and almost see through. It has these cute cutouts that run all around at shoulder and I didn’t want to ruin the look by wearing anything underneath it. However, it was chilly out so I paired it with this gorgeous leopard scarf. It is such a statement and makes the outfit complete. All the outfit details are linked below. You can click on the picture and it will bring you straight to the site to see the item and where I purchased it from. Hope you liked this and comment below what you did this weekend!