Fall Outfit & Life Update

Career, Fashion, Life / Thursday, September 29th, 2016

I wore this dress on Sunday. It was still a little warm out for any heavy scarfs or sweaters, so a light fall outfit was perfect. Those wedges are actually my summer wedges that I got in May. They are so cute and versatile that I couldn’t pack them away, yet. They are pretty comfortable to wear in the fall on those warmer days. The dress is so rich in color that I thought it would look best with more neutral colors. I got this dress at Francesca’s, but they sold out before I got a chance to post it. I did link a super similar one.

Life Update…
So, today had been exactly 9 months since I started working full time. I definitely learned a lot, but it didn’t come without a fair share of mistakes. There are certain things that are acceptable in college, but are not acceptable at work. I used to be very busy at school. I took five classes every semester, belonged to three clubs and worked part time. There were times I would have to stay up late do finish up homework or study for an exam, and I thought I had no time. Let me tell you, I was so incredibly wrong. No matter how busy you are at school, real work still takes up a lot more time. I didn’t even know I could work that many hours in a row until I got into a routine.

When I was in college (gosh, seems so long ago now) I had this fantasy of how the real world would be. It’s not until I started working that I learned so much more, maybe more than I ever learned in those 4 years of college. I always imagined the real world would look something along the lines as it is on Suits (TV show). I imagined I would come in to work wearing designer heels, a nice dress with Prada in one arm and a cup of coffee in another. I imagined I would have this high-end apartment and would have an unlimited spending budget. haha so wrong. Nowadays the school loans and rental costs outweigh the salary for any entry level personnel.

I ran across this post last year, and it really didn’t hit me until today. Give it a read, it’s very informative. Mark Cuban, and American Entrepreneur and investor, really points out that the tuition is over priced. I couldn’t agree more, the student loans are completely out of control. This leads me to my next point, was college really worth it?

I am still trying to figure out what it is exactly that I want to do, but it’s not that easy. There are so many opportunities out there, and definitely can’t do it all. Maybe a good place to start is to identify what I love to do and what I don’t. Does anyone else feel the same way? Anyways, this post is already longer than I wanted it to be. Just wanted to let it out and talk to you guys. Please, if you do feel the same way that I do, comment or shoot me an email, I would love to talk.